Asthma Can Be Easily Treated

Many people think that Asthma cannot be completely treated which is wrong. If proper treatment is taken then Asthma can be easily managed. It needs understanding of triggers and proper medication alongwith bit of care.

Cough is Good

All the dust and smoke that we are forced to inhale due to high levels of air pollution in India are removed from the respiratory system due to coughing. So in a way cough is good for lungs but long cough needs attention

Avoid Morning Walk During Bad AQI

The AQI in NCR is in the range of 250 - 500 during the winters which is hazardous for children, older people and those with lung problems like Asthma. Such people should avoid going for morning walk before sunrise.

There is Life After Covid-19

People are still living in post covid syndrome. Every cough or viral illness reminds them of the covid infection and the fear factor is very high.This is highly unlikely for people to have symptoms 10-12 months after the infection.

Pranayam or Walk - Which is Better?

Pranayam is a great exercise for your lungs. So is brisk walk. While walk is a whole body exercise which takes care of all your body muscles including the lungs, pranayam is good only for the lungs.

Ventilator is a Friend not an Enemy

Attendants of many patients admitted in the ICU are hesitant to allow the patient to be put on a ventilator. Ventilator is one of the most important life saving device in the ICU which helps the patient to breathe.

Bronchoscopy - A Boon for Lung Patients

Bronchoscopy is one of the best diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of the Lung diseases which can't be diagnosed through X Ray or CT. Images of the lungs can be seen on the monitor and lung biopsy can be taken through an attachment.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) now in Gurgaon

EBUS or Endobronchial Ultrasound is a very expensive medical equipment and is available at very few good pulmonology hospitals.EBUS is the most advanced invasive diagnostic tools and are also helpful in taking lung biopsy

Quitting Smoking is Easy and Beneficial

Smoking causes severe damage to the respiratory and overall health. Smoking causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease and several other life threatening diseases. Quitting smoking can reverse the damage caused to the health.

Home Remedies for Cough & Cold

Upper Respiratory Problems are quite common and manifest themselves in the form of cold and cough. These can be quite easily managed at home through several home remedies like taking steam and eating honey with pepper.

Asthma Treatment

Asthma is an allergic disease and can be treated successfully in most of the patients. Dr. Kuldeep Kumar, Pulmonologist is talking about the causes and the treatments available for permanent cure of this highly debilitating disease.

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment

Watch this patient speaking about his severe chronic bronchitis and heart failure. The patient had come to Dr Kuldeep Kumar in a very bad condition. The patient was successfully managed through conservative treatment.

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