Every person needs 8 hours of sound sleep without the help of alcohol and sleeping pills to remain healthy. If a person is not able to get sound continuous sleep of 6-8 hours in the night and feels sleepy during the day, the condition is described as sleep disorder. Lack of proper sleep in the night makes you feel fatigued during the day. You may fall asleep while driving and may have other health problems.

Some common types of sleep disorders are :

Insomnia - People who find it difficult to sleep or wake in the middle of the night

Sleep Apnea - People who experience abnormal breathing during sleep

Resless Legs - People who keep moving their legs when they try to sleep

Narcolepsy - People who feel drowsy during the day and doze off any time


Polysomnography or Sleep Study is a test which is done to diagnose most of the Sleep Disorders. This test is done with the help of a machine which has electrodes. These electrodes are connected to your head, temples, chest and legs. Pulse oxymeter is connected to one of your fingers. The test may be conducted at your home where you might be more comfortable in sleeping. The machine monitors the brain functions, eye movements, heart rate, breathing pattern etc. The technologist who is keeping an eye on you through a night video camera monitors the chest and abdominal movement, legs movement, snoring or other noises.

The report of sleep study will indicate the disorder which disturbs your sleep - disruption in the sleep stages between Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) stage and Rapid Eye Movement Stage (REM). Sleep Apnea may be diagnosed if there are changes in the Heart Rate or Blood Oxygen Levels during the sleep. Periodic Limb disorder may be diagnosed if there are frequent leg movements during the sleep. The report becomes available within 24 hours and then you can consult your doctor for understanding the problem and commencement of the treatment.


Sleep Apnea can be overcome by reducing body weight and doing regular exercises. Other sleep disorders can be treated through medications and lifestyle modifications. Many people resort to alcohol to overcome sleep disorders. The quality of sleep induced by alcohol is never very good. Alcohol has many more health risks associated with it. Doing Yoga and meditation are also very good in order to overcome sleep disorders. However one must always consult an experienced doctor for problems of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders like insomnia. Proper diagnosis will lead to correct treatment. There is no harm in practicing age old good Indian practices in consultation with your doctor. The cost of Sleep Study at Home would be Rs. 12,500 while the same test at the hospital would cost you Rs 20,000 which includes the cost of hospital bed also.

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar is available for consultation at CK Birla Hospital from 11 am - 3 pm and at Miracles Mediclinic, Sector-14 from 5 pm - 6 pm in the evening for the patients who are still scared of going to big hospitsls.

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