Covid-19 or Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China towards the end of 2019 has engulfed the entire world causing more than 43 lac fatalities by August 2021. India has more than 320 Lac positive patients by 10th of August 2021 with more than 4 lac casualties. Some people estimate that the actual number of positive patients and deaths in India could be 4-5 times of this official figure. The second wave of Coronavirus in the months of April and May saw mad rush for hospital beds, oxygen, Remdesivir and Chest CT Scan. Patients from Gurgaon had to run to other cities in order to get admitted. Lots of nursing homes had stopped taking patients due to lack of oxygen and also due to lack of medical manpower. The root of the problem was that many nursing homes run without the facility of a full time physician. During corona times only the Pulmonologists, Critical Care Specialists and the physicians were in demand. Most of the other doctors were sitting idle at home or had quarantined themselves.

Senior citizens having co-morbidities like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease etc are highly vulnerable to this disease. Even though most of the patients recover from the disease within 14-28 days, some need to be hospitalized due to the falling oxygen saturation levels. Such patients need to be given oxygen support and ventilator support. Despite the best efforts atleast 2-5% patients have succumbed to the disease. Since the disease primarily affects the lungs and the patients have to be managed either on oxygen support or ventilator, pulmonologists are best suited for taking good care of the patients.

Many people have estimated that a third wave of Corona Virus led by Omicron variant is just round the corner. It is therefore extremely important to wear face mask, avoid crowded places, maintain hand hygiene and get vaccinated at the earliest.


During the second wave of Coronavirus in the months of April and May 2021, many patients were rushing to get HRCT Chest done without even getting the mandatory RT PCR Test. The reason for this mad rush was false negative RT PCR Reports even though the patients were having classical symptoms of Covid-19. Many patients who were found negative on RT PCR Test were experiencing falling oxygen saturation levels and were subsequently found positive on CT Severity Score on CT Scan.

Many patients went for CT Scan directly without even getting RT PCR Test due to the inordinate delay in the RT PCT Test results and also the lack of availability of the test. If the CT Severity Index was more than 9 then the doctors were putting the patients on a short course of steroids like Dexamethasone which showed extremely good results. If the D-Dimer values were raised then Heparin was used very successfully. Most of the patients who managed to get their CT Scan done in time and were administered Steroids, managed to avoid hospitalization.

While the first wave of coronavirus had most of the casualties in the Senior Citizens, the second wave hit the people in the age bracket of 25-50 very hard. Most of the casualties were in this age group. Patients who managed to get a hospital bed with oxygen supply managed to beat the disease but those who were running from pillar to post to find a hospital bed succumbed to the disease.

The vaccine for the deadly virus has been found and the administration of the vaccine started in the month of January 2021 in India. Those who get 2 doses of vaccine are reasonably safe from the disease and can definitely avoid serious complications. It is therefore extremely important to get vaccinated as soon as you are able to book a slot and get both the doses as per the schedule.


Dr Kuldeep Kumar has been one of the most sought after doctor amongst the corona patients both in the first wave and the second wave. During the first wave, Dr. Kumar was associated with Signature Hospital where he was incharge of the Intensive Care Unit and managed to save thousands of lives. During the second wave, Dr Kuldeep was associated with CK Birla Hospital and there too he was instrumental in saving scores of lives. He was extremely active in providing teleconsult to the patients. This in itself helped so many patients who managed to recover at home without getting admitted to the hospital. The patients who were hospitalized for corona require post recovery treatment to prevent long term damage to the lungs. Dr. Kuldeep Kumar is still in very high demand by these patients. Even though many treatment costs like HRCT Chest, RT PCR Test, Blood Tests had their rates capped by the government, yet many hospitals were charging very high rates from the Corona patients during the second wave. Most of the patients who were hospitalized ended up paying 4-6 lacs for 8-10 days of hospitalization. Those who were hospitalized for longer periods had to pay much more. In normal times, the cost of treatment is not very high. The cost of investigations should be in the range of Rs. 8-10 thousand while the cost of medicines etc would be in the range of 10-12 thousand. Even if the patient gets hospitalized with oxygen support, the cost of treatment should be appoximately Rs. 15-20 thousand for each day of hospital stay.

Dr Kuldeep Kumar is the Chief Pulmonologist and Incharge of ICU at CK Birla Hospital, Sector-51, Gurgaon. He can be consulted in the OPD for Covid-19 treatment or Post Covid Complications. The consultation fee is Rs. 1000 and the timing for consultation is from 11 am - 3 pm. Dr. Kuldeep Kumar is also available for consultation at Miracles Mediclinic, Sector-14 from 5 pm - 6 pm in the evening for the patients who are still scared of going to big hospitsls.

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