Endobroncial Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool used by a lung specialist or a pulmonologist. The EBUS technique uses an ultrasound probe along with bronchoscope. EBUS (endobronchial ultrasound) bronchoscopy is a procedure used to diagnose different types of lung disorders like inflammation, infections or cancer. EBUS bronchoscopy uses a flexible tube that goes through your mouth and into your windpipe and lungs. The EBUS scope has a video camera with an ultrasound probe attached to create images of your lungs and nearby lymph nodes. These images are used to accurately locate and evaluate areas seen on x-rays or scans that need a closer look.


Before the procedure pre anaesthesia work is done and if you are on any blood thinners then you would be asked to stop it to avoid any risk of internal bleeding. Also since it would be done under general anaesthesia you should not eat or drink anything 6-7 hours prior to the procedure. Our lung specialist Dr Kuldeep Kumar will do the procedure by inserting a bronchoscope through the mouth which would give images of the airways, lungs, blood vessels and lymph nodes on ultrasound monitor. The scope is also equipped with a needle for the lung specialist to take out a tissue biopsy in case there is something suspicious.


First of all there are not many facilities to invest in such an expensive diagnostic modality. Dr Kuldeep Kumar pulmonologist and critical care specialist at C K Birla Hospital Gurgaon has EBUS or Endobroncial Ultrasound at his disposal. The procedure is boon for the patients with lung issues. Dr Kuldeep Kumar is one of the best and most extensively trained pulmonologist in Gurgaon. He is equally at ease in performing procedures like bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy or EBUS as he is with managing patients in ICU. Cost of the procedure depends upon the purpose for which it is being done. In case the biopsy is also taken then the cost may be a bit higher.

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